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  Simi VidBack
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Our software for school and club sports ― Simi VidBack

 Simi VidBack supports and facilitates the learning and teaching of movement execution, with particular focus on technique, during P.E. lessons or training. The software allows the time-lagged playback of previously recorded movements at any speed to provide the necessary time which the athlete needs for the monitoring of a movement upon completion. The athlete can look at his technique on the monitor and receives a instant feedback about movement execution. Whilst this takes place the next athlete is able to record his own movement, which allows the smooth running of training sessions. In addition to playbacks, video sequences can be saved with one button, even when the action has already taken place. The coach or athlete is able to decide which sequences they would like to analyse.

Sequences which have been saved on Simi Vidback can also be processed and undergo further analysis in other Simi software packages. In addition, there’s the possibility to highlight certain areas of the video with markers, so that the athlete or coach can be given guidelines to aid their understanding during analysis. These new multimedia technologies can now be set up on cheap and easy to use computer and camera systems for sports development programmes, clubs and P.E. lessons.

What makes Simi VidBack unique?

Time consuming video analysis is now a thing of the past! With traditional video systems, recordings have to be stopped for playback, which takes up valuable time. Simi VidBack works entirely automatically, allows smooth training process and demands no interaction from the user whatsoever.

Simi VidBack can save video sequences at the click of a mouse. The editor decides after the recording, whether the corresponding video sequence is to be saved, and can therefore sort video clips with ease.

What is the operational procedure for Simi VidBack?

 Simply connect the camera to the computer, open the program and begin the exercise. All athletes can follow up their movement on the monitor directly after its execution.


System requirements

 The current version of this product is only compatible with Win7 right now.


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