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Видеоанализ движений (motion capture)

Movement analysis systems and methods have a wide range of application. Not only can they be employed in fields such as medicine, sport and industry, but they can also be distinguished by their extensive capabilities and integration for daily use. The graph shown below has been created to aid you in your decision as to which system would best suit your purpose. The requirements of the user with regards to the complexity and precision of the data being examined is displayed on the horizontal axis. The vertical axis represents what is required of the user i.e. the amount of training needed to operate the system, the time which would need to be invested in both the collection and analysis of data and the price of the systems. In order to select the optimal system for your requirements, you should identify which factors are most important for your purpose, considering factors such as measurement precision, task complexity and how often the software would be used. The following examples should help you in your decision, but if you're unsure we’re happy to advise you about which product might be most suitable. Scenario 1: If your priority is to examine complex tasks or problems, and the data has to be of high scientific worth, the appropriate system can be found at the very right of the horizontal axis. Your purposes require a comprehensive Motion 3D System, which appears high on the vertical axis, indicating a high budget, increased training needs for both users and analysts, and also a greater time demand. Simi Motion Scenario 2: If you give precedence to the fast analysis of data and a straightforward operating system, the necessary system can be found at the bottom of the vertical axis. MotionTwin is offered at a lower cost, and requires the least amount of training and analysis time. It is unable to offer an objective, quantitative measure, but it does allow the simultaneous comparison of videos.Simi MotionTwin Scenario 3: Aktisys and simpler configurations of SimiMotion 2D/3D offer a compromise between the two software packages described previously. They can be integrated into every day use with ease, but also record objective measures of data, allowing direct feedback to both therapists and patients. Very little training is required for operation, and the data produced is reliable. Simi Aktisys