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Программное обеспечение EMGworks®

Flexibility and Features to Bring Research Ideas into Reality


Integrated Database • Signal Quality Check • Workflow Designer • Tasks Template • MVC • Biofeedback • Amplitude Analysis • Cyclical Analysis • Timing Analysis • Template Matching • Simultaneous Analysis of EMG, Video and Pressure Data • Heart Rate • Muscular Force • Histogram


Software Overview

EMGworks® is a comprehensive software management program designed for in-depth recording and analysis of physiological and biomechanical signals. The software package consists of Acquisition and Analysis modules.


Typically is used in motor control research laboratories for exploring the inner workings of the neuromuscular system, in physical rehabilitation centers for muscle re-education, muscle performance and for monitoring the progress of rehabilitation; in sports laboratories for enhancing muscle performance or injury analysis; in ergonomics for providing quantitative evaluations in workers performing tasks.


EMGworks® Acquisition

  • Integrated database
  • Experimental workflow
  • Signal quality check
  • Protocol template library
  • Real-time filter

EMGworks® Acquisition module is designed for simultaneous data recording and real-time monitoring EMG, biomechanical sensors and signals from external devices.


The acquisition module offers a comprehensive set of capabilities including real-time filters, support for multiple data acquisition cards, user-friendly interfaces for user-friendly experiment design, a library of ready-to-use tasks and real-time signal quality assessment.


Live Signal Exploration allows for freezing data on the screen without stopping data collection, and performs quick analysis of signal amplitude and frequency.


Integrated database enable EMGworks® to manage data with subjects, workflows, and data files in a relational database. Filtering and grouping features allows intelligent searching of data across experiments to build up data sets for comparative studies, or for tracking subject progress.


EMGworks® Analysis

  • Data management
  • Calculations
  • EMGscript™
  • Plotting
  • Import/Export
  • Video & Pressure File Import

EMGworks® Analysis module incorporates all the functionality essential to any laboratory.
It includes the power of the EMGscript™ and a library of ready-to-use calculations for signal processing and calculations the way you want.

User-friendly graphical interface, quickview tools and batch processing capabilities make post-processing of EMG, biomechanical sensors signals simple and efficient.

EMGworks® allows seamless integration with video files and external data files via Import/Export features. It supports frame-by-frame video playback option for inspecting the EMG activity collected in synchronization with 3rd party video capturing system.

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